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Single - Available Now

Los Angeles, CA - Pop-rock firecracker, G Matthews released her latest

single, “Keep On Going,” an alternative rock track that encourages individuals

to get back on their horse by forgetting the past. “Keep On Going” is the first

single off of her forthcoming album, Superhero and is available for download

and streaming worldwide.

G Matthews sets ghosts from the past free with “Keep On Going” and

punches life’s hardships to the ground with its fist-fighting lyrics.

Produced by Raphael Sepulveda, “Keep On Going” embraces the human

mind with auspicious lyrics and an energetic melody. “Don’t let the bullshit

from your past, wreck what you’ve got coming,” sings G Matthews. With its

power-pop guitar riffs and hard-hitting drums, the single discloses the notion

that one must not let their past alter the prosperity of the future. “It's about

picking yourself back up and pushing on… we all have our moments when

we're low, but you'll never make it unless you keep goin" comments G.


Debut LP 

"Take street-smart pop.

Add some alternative rock.

Sprinkle liberally with irresistible rhythms.

Slowly fold the ingredients together and add real heart with true soul.

Top it all off with a l-i-f-e imbued with honesty, determination and a sparkling desire to express her emotions, and you have arrived at G Matthews, an independent artist who will shake you by the ears with her delectable, infectious songs and a voice which simply soars into the stratosphere without sacrificing one iota of powerful purpose.

No stranger to the stage, Matthews has already scorched the boards at world famous clubs such as The Viper Room, The Whiskey-A-Go-Go and The Mint in Hollywood, California, and has already received rapturous reviews for her debut album, Chasing Happy, 11 engaging, entertaining yet thoughtful pop-alternative rock meditations on the lives we all live. There’s more to say, oh yeah there’s a helluva lot more to say, but first of all go and listen. Engage your ears, experience and enjoy…you can thank us later"

-Steffan Chirazi

Editor and Creative Consultant

Motorhead/Singerman Entertainment and Metallica SO WHAT! Magazine

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Holiday Single

A perfect blend of holiday spirit and attitude, “I Don’t Want To Trim Your Tree” is the new anthem for anyone who has ever been called a Grinch. The single is about not wanting to be bothered with the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings. With the opening line, “Damn is it that time of year again? Everyone is singing tis the season,” Matthews makes it clear that she won't be decking any halls this December. Throughout the song, Matthews sings about not wanting to take part in Christmas activities because of all the obligations that come along with the holidays. “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is not your average Christmas song, with heavy guitars underlying lyrics like, “Spare me this Christmas Eve, I don't want to trim your tree,” and “I’m not in the mood so do it yourself.” Despite the not so cheerful lyrics, G Matthews wants everyone to know she does enjoy the holiday season. “I actually really like the holidays,” she says. “It’s just sometimes I don't like the added pressure that comes with it.” Produced and engineered by Cameron Webb (Motörhead, Social Distortion, Alkaline Trio), “I Don't Want To Trim Your Tree” is the perfect Christmas song for people who don't necessarily embrace the holidays like others do

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