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Due to Covid-19, The 2020 Fuck Cancer Kickback + Jam has been canceled.

Ms. Rosewater is preparing something special. 

Hang tight for more info.

Thanks you for your understanding!

"I've never been good with words, so I have decided to build an environment that consists of things I used to help me cope, recover, and rebuild physical and mental strength" -Ms. Rosewater

This event was created to serve as an outlet to promote awareness, as well as celebrate and honor breast cancer warriors. Held every year, in the month of November, the Fuck Cancer Kick Back + Jam will provide a fun and safe environment for guests to enjoy live music, food, yoga and partake in interactive activities

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Fuck Cancer - Kick Back & Jam VENUE LAYO
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Q: How much does it cost to get in?

A:The event has a $10 entry fee. 

Please be prepared to participate by purchasing food and items from merchants on site.

**Please note: Purchasing merch and artwork from Ms. Rosewater helps to fund next year’s event.

Q: Can I buy tickets the day of the event?

A:Yes. If you purchase day of, please present your receipt on your electronic device at the door. All tickets purchased ahead of time will be retrieved at the door with valid purchaser ID.  

Q: Can I leave and come back?

A:Yes. Please keep your wristband on.

Q: What do I need for Yoga?

A:Yoga sessions will be free however, you will need to bring your own yoga mat or towel. 

Q:  Where do I park?

A:There is street parking around the venue.

Q: What is the age range?

A: The event is all ages. However, there  will be mature language and content  displayed. Please use discretion as you  see fit.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Only registered/trained guide and service animals will be allowed inside the venue.

Q: Is the event raising money for a charity?

A: Unfortunately not. However the event is 100% non-profit. Any monies earned goes directly back to the guests to pay for this year's and next year's event. This will ensure that guest will always have a good time. 

Q: How do I get involved with Ms. Rosewater and the event?

A: Helps is always welcome. Volunteers, sponsors and vendors… please contact us.


Have more questions? Please contact us

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